Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ricky at the South Rim

Well, today I'm finally getting caught up on my travel-blog. Mom and I went to the South Rim today, and we are spending the night here. We've been to Flagstaff just chilling out while Daddy and Uncle Dave hike. Mom has had to work a lot on her computer, to keep up with her work, and I have been just being a good boy playing with my toys and sleeping, mostly. But today we came to the South Rim and what a great time I had! I don't know if I really understand why people stand around and look over the edge, but mom says it's a very pretty sight. The first picture is me at Mather Point, and the 2nd one is me in front of the Bright Angel Lodge. It's a very big hole in the background. The best part about this trip is that so many people here just fall in love with me! Mom gets to explain what kind of dog I am a lot, but a lot of people ask her "Is that a Bedlington?" Mom is really surprised at how many people know what kind of dog I am. I've met a lot of nice people today.

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