Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mom took me to the Eye Docker!

Mom found out that the doggie eye dockers do free eye exams for service dogs and therapy dogs during May, so she asked me if I wanted to go have  my eyes examined. Sounded ok to me, since we'd have to go on a trip! I like trips. So we went to Kansas City and saw Dr. Keil. She was a very nice lady and she even knew what kind of dog I am! I was worried about how I'd read the eye chart, cuz mom tole me I might have to read the letters. I found out that Dr. Keil has a DOGGIE EYE CHART just for us!

First, she dilated my eyes. Then she looked inside just like mom's eye docker does. I was a little uncomfortable when we left cuz the sky was brighter than I remember. But mom had my Doggles and I wore them for a while. But I took them off so I could see better. Oh, and the docker said my eyes were JUST PERFECT! I liked her a lot.

Plus on the same trip we got to go to a FARM in St. Joseph, MO, and I met a lot of dogs and even a few cats. I saw COWS but we didn't have time to get close and meet them. Maybe next time. These folks were friends of my mom, and my grammie was friends with their grammie, and my great-grammie was friends with the great-grammie there! So I am happy I got to go there and I hope I see them all again. AND, mom took me shopping at UPCO there, and I got some new toys. Mom also made me buy some grooming supplies. But it was still fun!  

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LailaSmith01 said...

Oh cool! I haven't heard an eye doctor for dogs :)

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