Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mr. Cottonmouth's demise

I was able to be a very brave doggie today and rescue mom and dad. I went out the doggie door, and I found there was a SNAKE on the back porch who was wanting to come in where it was warm. Fortunately, Mr. Cotton was a bit stiff and lethargic cuz it was kinda cool out. Mom came, and hollared to Dad to come quick! Once Dad made the quick determination that this was no snakie to mess with (the preliminary determination was likely a cottonmouth, which was later confirmed), they made me go inside and stay in my crate where I was safe. Then they obtained “the tools”, namely a rake (a long-handled holding tool) and a shovel (a long-handled cutting tool). Just like when Daddy was at the Girl Scout camp one summer eons ago when he dispositioned a copperhead, Mom operated the holding tool and Dad operated the cutting tool (ah, the memories). As the holding tool was engaged, Mr. Cotton opened his mouth wide to show off his cotton, and blasted a double-barreled shot of white venom through the air, which landed harmlessly to the porch. After sufficient use of the cutting tool, Dad hauled off the 3+ foot long remains for the rest of the food chain to enjoy. I think mom is still in shock. She made Daddy take us out for a frozen custard. Did you know they give free Puppy Cups at Shakes? Dad said I deserved a big treat for being so brave. 

The residue

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