Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dog Day Afternoons!

I wanted to tell you about my new friend Stephen. He is a nice boy who comes to the library on Dog Day Afternoons and he is a really good reader! I like it when he reads to me. Mom helped us get a photo so you can see how much fun I have there! Stephen was reading something to me about a chicken or a pig or something that really made my mouth water!

Stephen told me how old he was, but I can't remember. He has read stories to me several times now, and he is really doing great with his reading. I mostly just look at the pictures, really, but he knows the letters and words and he makes me feel good when I go to the library. He pets me too and gives me treats when we are finished reading. I'm glad he comes and I hope I'll see him more times. We only get to go once a month during the school year, but in the summer mom says we will go ever other week. I can't wait for summer to get here!

I like going to the library because I get to see lots of kids, and it's fun to see the other therapy dogs, too. I have a really good buddy named Dudley, and he is a Corgi. We have fun visiting together. Dudley showed me the ropes at the library. His mom is really nice too.

I can't wait to go back to the library again and see what books the kids choose to read to me! Thanks to Stephen's mom for bringing him, and for letting us share his picture, too! And a special woofie woof to Jeana and the Joplin Public Library who make it all happen!


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