Monday, October 4, 2010

Ricky drives the fire truck!

Yesterday I had a real fun time! Mom took me to the FIRE STATION! It's not too far from our house, and she knows the loo-tenant there. Christine was in mom's chemistry class a while back, and so I wanted to go meet her. I never saw a fire truck before, but I can hear it sometimes when they run the siren when they are going to a fire.

So Christine said I could drive, but mom would have to run the pedals for me. And wow it's a big thing, brand new this year, and very pretty. I even had my fire chief hat to wear. Christine also showed me all the controls on the pumper, and showed me all their gear all ready to go.

But the neatest part about Christine is that she is a paramedic, and got to go to Haiti to help the earthquake victims. She went during the chemistry class, so mom had to help her compensate for being gone all that time. Christine had to take a lot of shots so she wouldn't get sick from being there, and she told the class about her trip while she was gone. Mom was really glad to be able to send Christine to help, since we couldn't go there ourselves to help. Really I think they could have used some therapy dogs, but I didn't want to take all those shots. Christine gave mom a souvenir commemorative coin that is really special too. It has a picture of Haiti on it. I don't really understand the other stuff. But it helps people remember.
So thanks for a great time at the fire station, Christine!

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