Monday, October 4, 2010

Possum Stew

Well, I tried to help my mom make possum stew. We went to Joplin in August to dog-sit for Aunt Dianne and Uncle Jim while they went on a vacation. So me and mom went (oops that should be "my mom and I"--Aunt Dianne is trying to help me with my grammar) without Daddy and we had a little vacation too. I'm learning to be a farm dog. Mindy and Lilbit are bichon freezays and I like to stay at their house cuz they have a doggie-door. I'm kinda big for it, but I can hunker down and get right through it real quick-like.

So Mom was on the phone with Daddy, the first night we were all there alone, and it was gittin' kinda dark-like, and I spied something out by the fence. I went out and barked like Lilbit taught me, and she came along too for moral support. Mom came out too, and she was real surprised at what we found!

It was a possum right inside our fence! Lilbit was barking her lil head off, right in that possum's ear! I really didn't know what it was, but it was hissing like a cat, and I knew it didn't have any business being inside our fence. Mom picked up the lil dogs, one under eat arm, and made me come with her too, and we had to go inside. I didn't know it, but mom locked the doggie door! And then I tried to go out, and I needed aspirin cuz I had a headache! That door had never been locked before! Well, at least not when I had been there. The lil dogs seemed to know why it didn't work.

So mom consulted with Dad, and she went and found a broom thinkin she could just shoo that possum out the gate. WRONG! That possum was playin possum, and didn't want to move. So she kinda rolled him out the gate with the broom. It was kinda like a lead bowling ball, she said! It was a long ways to the gate, but she got it out and closed the gate. Whew, that was a real scary thing in our yard! They had been eating the cantaloupe that Aunt Dianne had planted this summer so they were not very popular wildlife. If mom wouldda had a gun, she said she wouldda made us some possum stew!

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