Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dog Day Afternoons!

I wanted to tell you about my new friend Stephen. He is a nice boy who comes to the library on Dog Day Afternoons and he is a really good reader! I like it when he reads to me. Mom helped us get a photo so you can see how much fun I have there! Stephen was reading something to me about a chicken or a pig or something that really made my mouth water!

Stephen told me how old he was, but I can't remember. He has read stories to me several times now, and he is really doing great with his reading. I mostly just look at the pictures, really, but he knows the letters and words and he makes me feel good when I go to the library. He pets me too and gives me treats when we are finished reading. I'm glad he comes and I hope I'll see him more times. We only get to go once a month during the school year, but in the summer mom says we will go ever other week. I can't wait for summer to get here!

I like going to the library because I get to see lots of kids, and it's fun to see the other therapy dogs, too. I have a really good buddy named Dudley, and he is a Corgi. We have fun visiting together. Dudley showed me the ropes at the library. His mom is really nice too.

I can't wait to go back to the library again and see what books the kids choose to read to me! Thanks to Stephen's mom for bringing him, and for letting us share his picture, too! And a special woofie woof to Jeana and the Joplin Public Library who make it all happen!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mom took me to the Eye Docker!

Mom found out that the doggie eye dockers do free eye exams for service dogs and therapy dogs during May, so she asked me if I wanted to go have  my eyes examined. Sounded ok to me, since we'd have to go on a trip! I like trips. So we went to Kansas City and saw Dr. Keil. She was a very nice lady and she even knew what kind of dog I am! I was worried about how I'd read the eye chart, cuz mom tole me I might have to read the letters. I found out that Dr. Keil has a DOGGIE EYE CHART just for us!

First, she dilated my eyes. Then she looked inside just like mom's eye docker does. I was a little uncomfortable when we left cuz the sky was brighter than I remember. But mom had my Doggles and I wore them for a while. But I took them off so I could see better. Oh, and the docker said my eyes were JUST PERFECT! I liked her a lot.

Plus on the same trip we got to go to a FARM in St. Joseph, MO, and I met a lot of dogs and even a few cats. I saw COWS but we didn't have time to get close and meet them. Maybe next time. These folks were friends of my mom, and my grammie was friends with their grammie, and my great-grammie was friends with the great-grammie there! So I am happy I got to go there and I hope I see them all again. AND, mom took me shopping at UPCO there, and I got some new toys. Mom also made me buy some grooming supplies. But it was still fun!  

Mr. Cottonmouth's demise

I was able to be a very brave doggie today and rescue mom and dad. I went out the doggie door, and I found there was a SNAKE on the back porch who was wanting to come in where it was warm. Fortunately, Mr. Cotton was a bit stiff and lethargic cuz it was kinda cool out. Mom came, and hollared to Dad to come quick! Once Dad made the quick determination that this was no snakie to mess with (the preliminary determination was likely a cottonmouth, which was later confirmed), they made me go inside and stay in my crate where I was safe. Then they obtained “the tools”, namely a rake (a long-handled holding tool) and a shovel (a long-handled cutting tool). Just like when Daddy was at the Girl Scout camp one summer eons ago when he dispositioned a copperhead, Mom operated the holding tool and Dad operated the cutting tool (ah, the memories). As the holding tool was engaged, Mr. Cotton opened his mouth wide to show off his cotton, and blasted a double-barreled shot of white venom through the air, which landed harmlessly to the porch. After sufficient use of the cutting tool, Dad hauled off the 3+ foot long remains for the rest of the food chain to enjoy. I think mom is still in shock. She made Daddy take us out for a frozen custard. Did you know they give free Puppy Cups at Shakes? Dad said I deserved a big treat for being so brave. 

The residue

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daddy's OverHauls

Daddy went shopping and came home with some new duds! Doesn't he look fabulous in his new OverHauls? He said he needs them to build a house. I think they are pretty cool looking. Now his pants can't fall down.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Me and Meg

Well, it's been a long time since I had time to post here. I've been very busy since we moved to Joplin. Yesterday me and mom drove to Carthage so she could get some papers. Something about "taxes" and I don't think she means that big state next door to New Mexico. Anyhow, I stayed in the car while she had lunch with a friend from many years ago. Her name is Meg and I enjoyed meeting her! She and mom were friends when they were very little. Aren't they cute in that old picture? Mom was about 2 and a half in that picture, and Meg was 4 and a half. I'm gonna be 3 in April, mom says. I hope we get to see Meg again sometime soon!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

You want me to WHAT?

Well, the other day, Daddy was telling me that sometimes, at werk, they get a phone call and they have to go to the docker and pee in a cup. He said they were just "ran-dumb" but I don't really know what that means. He said that it's cuz the bosses want to make sure they haven't gotten ahold of something bad. (I wonder if he eats kleenex too?)

Guess what! It happened to ME! My number came up!

I just got home from my annual visit to my favorite docker. She didn't make me take any shots, but they stuck me with a needle to get blood to check it, and then she tole my mom to make me PEE IN A CUP!

So I started thinkin' about Daddy and how people at his werk have to pee in a cup. Now I'm scared I'll lose my license to do pet therapy! I hope it turns out ok.

PS. I sent an email to Daddy at werk, and he said I'd better just go ahead and do it. He said I could lose my license if I refused!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ricky's latest photo chute

Hi everyone! Mom's friend Debbie Klecan invited me to come over and pose for her again. This time I wore my swim trunks and goggles cuz it was a beach party! If you ever need yer pitcher taken, she is a reel gude photo-taker. She has treets and noisemakers too that make it even more fun. Mom and I had a great time at Aunt Debbie's studio.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ricky drives the fire truck!

Yesterday I had a real fun time! Mom took me to the FIRE STATION! It's not too far from our house, and she knows the loo-tenant there. Christine was in mom's chemistry class a while back, and so I wanted to go meet her. I never saw a fire truck before, but I can hear it sometimes when they run the siren when they are going to a fire.

So Christine said I could drive, but mom would have to run the pedals for me. And wow it's a big thing, brand new this year, and very pretty. I even had my fire chief hat to wear. Christine also showed me all the controls on the pumper, and showed me all their gear all ready to go.

But the neatest part about Christine is that she is a paramedic, and got to go to Haiti to help the earthquake victims. She went during the chemistry class, so mom had to help her compensate for being gone all that time. Christine had to take a lot of shots so she wouldn't get sick from being there, and she told the class about her trip while she was gone. Mom was really glad to be able to send Christine to help, since we couldn't go there ourselves to help. Really I think they could have used some therapy dogs, but I didn't want to take all those shots. Christine gave mom a souvenir commemorative coin that is really special too. It has a picture of Haiti on it. I don't really understand the other stuff. But it helps people remember.
So thanks for a great time at the fire station, Christine!

Possum Stew

Well, I tried to help my mom make possum stew. We went to Joplin in August to dog-sit for Aunt Dianne and Uncle Jim while they went on a vacation. So me and mom went (oops that should be "my mom and I"--Aunt Dianne is trying to help me with my grammar) without Daddy and we had a little vacation too. I'm learning to be a farm dog. Mindy and Lilbit are bichon freezays and I like to stay at their house cuz they have a doggie-door. I'm kinda big for it, but I can hunker down and get right through it real quick-like.

So Mom was on the phone with Daddy, the first night we were all there alone, and it was gittin' kinda dark-like, and I spied something out by the fence. I went out and barked like Lilbit taught me, and she came along too for moral support. Mom came out too, and she was real surprised at what we found!

It was a possum right inside our fence! Lilbit was barking her lil head off, right in that possum's ear! I really didn't know what it was, but it was hissing like a cat, and I knew it didn't have any business being inside our fence. Mom picked up the lil dogs, one under eat arm, and made me come with her too, and we had to go inside. I didn't know it, but mom locked the doggie door! And then I tried to go out, and I needed aspirin cuz I had a headache! That door had never been locked before! Well, at least not when I had been there. The lil dogs seemed to know why it didn't work.

So mom consulted with Dad, and she went and found a broom thinkin she could just shoo that possum out the gate. WRONG! That possum was playin possum, and didn't want to move. So she kinda rolled him out the gate with the broom. It was kinda like a lead bowling ball, she said! It was a long ways to the gate, but she got it out and closed the gate. Whew, that was a real scary thing in our yard! They had been eating the cantaloupe that Aunt Dianne had planted this summer so they were not very popular wildlife. If mom wouldda had a gun, she said she wouldda made us some possum stew!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

2nd Day at Camp Hughes

Well, today was a pretty good day at camp! My camp director, Bonnie, told me I had to eat my breakfast because we had a big day ahead of us. We went on a long hike this morning, and saw bicycles and joggers and all kinds of neato smells. Mocha and Amos went too, and Uncle John came too. Wink doesn't hike. I'm starting to like her more. Mocha and I play a lot, but I think Amos is a lot of fun to wrestle with too. After some rest time, we did some crafts and sang songs. I hope we get to have a campfire tonight. I don't really know where mom and dad and grammie are, but this has been a very fun camp. We don't sleep in tents though, since I brought my crate along. Besides it's kinda hot out, and so it's nice to have air-conditioning. I miss my mommie and daddie a little bit, but this camp has been so much fun that I don't miss them very much. I have written these blogs so mommie doesn't worry about me. I'm having so much fun I hope I get to stay a lot longer! I'm sending a couple of pictures tonight. I think I wore Mocha out finally. And then I had to have a nap too.

Friday, July 31, 2009


Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I wrote last, and a lot has happened. But right now, I'm at CAMP! My camp counselor is Bonnie, and she is Mocha's mom. Me and Mocha visit together as therapy dogs at Lovelace Rehab every other week.

So mom and dad are taking a little vacation this weekend, and *I* got to go to CAMP! It's my first time here, so I'm not quite sure what to expect. Our first activity was WRESTLING. Me and Mocha wrestled a while, and then Amos got to wrestle too. Both of them are Labradoodles, or Poobahdors, or some such breed. Anyway, they are both bigger than me. Wink is a little French Bulldog, and she is kind of snooty sometimes, and doesn't wrestle a whole lot.

After wrestling, Bonnie took our pictures so you could see how nice we are together. That's Mocha, the brown dog, and Amos the black dog, and me in the middle.

Tonight after supper, we went for a HIKE! Our other counselor, John, helped out and we went a whole mile. I had a lot of fun. Now I wonder if we get to do crafts tomorrow? or go swimming? or sing songs? This should be fun. I wonder if we sleep outside? Mom brought my crate and my suitcase. I picked out three of my favorite toys so if I ever get bored, we can play with those.

Well, it's about time for bed, so we'll sing taps.........

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My first Photo Shute

Not long ago, mom took me to see a long-time friend of hers. Her name is also Debbie. She has turned out to be a mighty-fine photographer, and she took some really nice photos of ME. She said she needed "practice" but I think she is already fan-tastic. I'm Ricky Potter there! That's cuz I'm still studying for my Therapy Dog test. I hope I can pass it. I've been working reel hard to get ready for it. You can see more of Debbie's photos here!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting Ready for the Holidays

This morning mom found my Santa Boots and I got kinda excited, wondering what you do with them. They kinda seemed like toys, but she said they weren't toys at all. She said Andy wore them last year, and he shared them with Maggie when they went visiting at Christmas. I'm not sure what Christmas is yet either. I met Maggie a couple of days ago at Mocha's house. Maggie is a boxer and she is one of my therapy dog models. I want to be like her when I grow up. Anyway, at first the boots seemed kinda wierd, but I wore them around the house and found out you can play with your toys wearing them and you can even go outside! I think I have a hat to go with them but mom didn't make me wear it yet.

The Plumber's Helper

One day after the lampshade came off, Daddy was doing some work in the bathroom. He needed my help, I could tell, so I got right in there and helped. He had me hand him the tools, but I mostly watched since I've never done any plumbing work before! It was a lot of fun but I decided I probably won't grow up to be a plumber.

Lampshade time

Well, after puppy class was over, I went to the vet one day and I got tutored. I am still not sure what happened that day, but I wanted to lick my incision and so Jovin and Docker Russman made me wear a lampshade home. I learned to play with my toys and bones, and really it wasn't too bad, cuz I like to wear clothes and things. But this was kinda hard to sleep in my crate and I ran into things with it. Grammie didn't really like it when I ran into her legs cuz she said it hurt. You can also see where they shaved my leg and that was kinda embarrassing. But it's going to grow out ok. This is one of my favorite bones too.

Graduated from Puppy Class!

Well, it's been a while since I had time to post any news. Mom and I took a puppy class at Sandia Dog Obedience Club, and Dede was our teecher. She is a wonderful teecher and I learned a lot. I met some nice friends there too, like Mocha. When we graduated, Dede gave me a really nice cookie with my Diploma. I like Dede, and I know that Andy liked her too, cuz she taught puppy class when he took it too!

Dede is also a therapy dog person, and she has Rottweilers mostly. I hope I get to see her when I get to be a therapy dog. She will probably be a tester when I take my test! Mom and I have to work more on obedience and I have to grow up more before I can take the test. But mom says I do really well with new people and I'm gentle and sweet. I think it's going to be fun to be a therapy dog someday.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Me and Mom

I wanted to also prove to you that mom was there with me today at the Grand Canyon. I'm sticking my tongue out again in this picture, but you might not be able to see it.

Some of my Fan Club

I have met a lot of nice people today! We talked to a bunch of people from England, and there must have been several bus-loads of them. Here is a picture of me trying to learn to speak Japanese from 2 lovely girls. And this guy with the hat was from California, and he spent a lot of time talking to me. We really hit it off and I was sorry to see him and his wife leave. Mom says that tomorrow we'll go there again and see if anyone else wants to pet me. I'm a kid-magnet too, but it's hard for mom to take pictures of me and the kids since we are all moving so fast! I'm also very photogenic, and lots of people stop to take pictures of ME!
But the main reason we are going tomorrow again is to watch for DADDY and Uncle Dave to show up! I can't wait to see them again. Mom says they'll be kinda stinky, but I won't mind!

There are a lot of people here and lots of them are from other countries. I've met folks from England, Australia, Denmark, Italy, and Japan, so far.

Ricky at the South Rim

Well, today I'm finally getting caught up on my travel-blog. Mom and I went to the South Rim today, and we are spending the night here. We've been to Flagstaff just chilling out while Daddy and Uncle Dave hike. Mom has had to work a lot on her computer, to keep up with her work, and I have been just being a good boy playing with my toys and sleeping, mostly. But today we came to the South Rim and what a great time I had! I don't know if I really understand why people stand around and look over the edge, but mom says it's a very pretty sight. The first picture is me at Mather Point, and the 2nd one is me in front of the Bright Angel Lodge. It's a very big hole in the background. The best part about this trip is that so many people here just fall in love with me! Mom gets to explain what kind of dog I am a lot, but a lot of people ask her "Is that a Bedlington?" Mom is really surprised at how many people know what kind of dog I am. I've met a lot of nice people today.

Jacob Lake

I'm putting this photo here for mom's friend Patty! This is me at the Jacob Lake Inn. Patty would love that I went to Jacob Lake. Patty rides her motorcycle there sometimes.

Deer outside our car!

After we left Daddy and Uncle Dave, we were driving along, and mom stopped and put my window down. Look what I saw! These deer were little things but my eyes were popping out of my head! I was a very good boye and just sat still and watched them eating. Mom says it's rude to bark when others are eating. Plus I had my seat belt on, and I didn't even try to climb out of the car. I'm seeing some very strange things on this trip!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hiker Dudes!

Daddy and Uncle Dave started on their hike across the Grand Canyon! It was very cold that morning at the trailhead on the North Kaibab Trail at the North Rim. I was shivvering when they started their hike. I had breakfast after they left, and then mom and I saw a whole gaggle of deer looking for their breakfast right by the parking lot.

My Teeth!

My teeth are falling out! OH NO! How will I bite my mom? My mouth feels so weird, and my tongue keeps sticking out! Mom was making me all pretty for our trip, and she thought I looked real funny with my tongue hanging out! I had lost 3 or 4 teeth when this photo was taken. I sure hope I get some new ones. Grammie told me I'd get bigger ones, and I hope she is right.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My favorite Docker

Today we went to see my favorite docker, Dr. Shirley Russman! She loves me a lot too. Jovin was there and we had a nice visit also. Docker Russman is watching my teeth, and they are all still puppy teeth--nice and sharp! She thinks I should be getting newer, bigger, duller ones soon.

She also was a little worried about my heart cuz it was having a murmur when I was there the first time. Each time I go back it gets less and less, and last time and today she couldn't hear it at all! She even had another docker listen to me too, and she didn't hear it either. So I'm very happy about that, and mom is too.

They messed around with some stinky stuff and my bottom feels better now, so I'm not sure what happened there. I'm pretty sure I don't want to know!

Afterwards, mom and I went shopping a little, and we stopped for gas and she made me get out to pee, since I'll have to do that on our trip coming up. I have a nice harness that I wear in the car and it keeps me from moving around too much. I don't mind wearing it. Anyway I guess I'd better get busy packing.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My first day of Skool

Last night I went to skool for the first time! We went in the car and I rode in my crate because mom had to go in first without me to get all the paperwork done. I was really kinda tired because I had a haircut that day too. But once I saw all the other dogs, I forgot all about being tired!

I met a lot of new friends but mom didn't take any pictures yet. I'm going to give you a picture of Mocha, my new labradoodle friend. Her mom is Bonnie, and she and mom used to go on therapy dog visits together. I thought Mocha was real nice, and we had several nice chats during the evening. She's really pretty cute too, even if she is bigger than me already.

We learned "Sit" (which I already knew) and "By me" (which I don't really get yet) and "watch me". Mom got homework for us to do too, and I think this is going to be fun because there are TREETS involved! I can't wait to do our homework!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tent tales

Well, Daddy was getting ready to go to the Grand Canyon, and he wanted to set up his tent in the back yard to test it out. I had a hard time understanding this thing. When I don't understand something, I sit very tall and use my ponderer and try to figger out what's going on. This time I waited a while, and then got braver and went out to see it with Daddy. He let me go inside a little bit but it was pretty hot out there so I didn't stay long.

Daddy and Dave are going to hike a long ways and carry their food and tent. Mom and I are going to drop them off and pick them up at the end. I've never been on such a long car ride, so I hope I like it. Mom told me I couldn't take ALL my toys, so I'll have to pick out a small selection to take.

Well, I'd better stop now and start packing!

Purple toy, short leg

I want to tell you a little story about these toys. See, Andy had the purple one first, and it lost a leg when he was pretty little. But mom let him play with it anyway, because he loved it so much. He would only carry it by the short leg. And if you threw it for him, and he picked it up by the wrong leg, he'd put it down and spin it around until he got the short leg.

One day Andy got a new one, the green one. It was nice and soft, and squeeked. But he had the darndest time picking it up, because he kept spinning it around, trying to find the short leg! Mom tells me she and daddy laughed and laughed at poor Andy, who was trying hard to find the short leg!

Andy whispered to me from the Rainbow Bridge one day, and told me that I should always try to carry the purple one by the short leg. I've been doing my best to do that ever since, to carry on Andy's tradition.

My crate

This is my crate and one of my favorite toys. Really, I like all my toys. This one is an octopus but it only has 6 legs. I'm not good at counting yet anyway.

Uncle Dave is coming

My Uncle Dave is coming to visit! Then mom and dad and I are going on a trip so the boys can hike at the Grand Canyon. We get to go on a Long Ride and stay in motels. I can't wait!

My favorite Vet Tech

I thought you would like to see a photo of me with my favorite vet tech! Her name is Jovin, and she just goes wild when I come to the clinic! She thinks I am very very outstandingly cute, especially when I wear clothes or hats or stuff. I have my cowboy hat on here, and a cute yellow and grey T-shirt that John and Mary gave me when they were here visiting. I'm afraid I'm going to out-grow it soon. Anyway, on this day we went to the vet to get more shots. I got my rabies shot that day, so I was finally done with House Arrest. See, Docker Russman was afraid for me to go out much in case I'd get parvo or one of those nasty bugs, so mom only took me on car rides for a while. I liked going to Sonic the best! Dad would order me a cup of ice and that was really cool!
Anyway, Jovan always carries me around the hospital and shows me off to all the folks that work there. They think I'm pretty cute too. I know my mom was worried about me being gone so long, but she said it was ok because I was learning to be a therapy dog. And I know Jovin won't let anything happen to me while she is showing me around! She always lets me give her lots of kisses and sometimes I even get a little treet.

My name is Ricky

My name is Ricky, and I'm a Bedlington terrier. Mom sometimes calls me a Bedlington Terrorist since I have sharp teeth and like to bite a lot. I was born on April 26 which is the same birthday as my Grammie. My real mom's name was Alice, also the same as my Grammie. I was born in Minnesota, and my first mom brought me here to Albuquerque on a long airplane ride! Here is a picture of my first mom Christy introducing me to my Grammie. I was about 11 weeks old there.

I came to Albuquerque on July 8, 2008. See, my predecessor, named Andy, got sick from cancer this summer and mom was real sad without a doggie in the house, so I came to her rescue. Daddy likes dogs too but mom is the one who is nutty about Bedlington terriers. My Grammie likes them too. See her sister, Margaret, was the first one to have one. Her dog was named Debbie, and my mom was named Debbie, after the first Bedlington in the family! Course that was quite a long time ago now. Margaret had 4 bedli's over the years, and my mommie inherited the love for the breed too.

So I decided I'd better get started on my blogging since I'm starting Puppy Kiddygarden tomorrow. Mom says Dede will be our Teecher and Andy took her class too, so she is a very good one to have. We have a friend in the class too, named Mocha. She is about my age but I think she is bigger than me! Me and Mocha want to become therapy dogs when we grow up, but that's another story.