Friday, July 31, 2009


Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I wrote last, and a lot has happened. But right now, I'm at CAMP! My camp counselor is Bonnie, and she is Mocha's mom. Me and Mocha visit together as therapy dogs at Lovelace Rehab every other week.

So mom and dad are taking a little vacation this weekend, and *I* got to go to CAMP! It's my first time here, so I'm not quite sure what to expect. Our first activity was WRESTLING. Me and Mocha wrestled a while, and then Amos got to wrestle too. Both of them are Labradoodles, or Poobahdors, or some such breed. Anyway, they are both bigger than me. Wink is a little French Bulldog, and she is kind of snooty sometimes, and doesn't wrestle a whole lot.

After wrestling, Bonnie took our pictures so you could see how nice we are together. That's Mocha, the brown dog, and Amos the black dog, and me in the middle.

Tonight after supper, we went for a HIKE! Our other counselor, John, helped out and we went a whole mile. I had a lot of fun. Now I wonder if we get to do crafts tomorrow? or go swimming? or sing songs? This should be fun. I wonder if we sleep outside? Mom brought my crate and my suitcase. I picked out three of my favorite toys so if I ever get bored, we can play with those.

Well, it's about time for bed, so we'll sing taps.........

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